Academics Team

Kindergarten Team

Yashica Williams

Brittany Caudle

Tanya Johnson

1st Grade Team

2nd Grade Team

3rd Grade Team

Fredalene DeNoble

3rd Grade – Science and Social Studies

Rae Miller

3rd Grade – Math

Charla Weir

3rd Grade – ELA

4th Grade Team

5th Grade Team

Mahlia Majka

Wanda McLaughlin

Kelsey Bigler

5th Grade – ELA and Social Studies


Website – Coming Soon

Barbara Scriven

5th Grade – Math and Science

Middle School (6th) Team

Nuekisha Motsinger

Middle School Social Studies

Stacy Fiore

Middle School ELA

Ashlee Connors

Middle School Humanities

Website – Coming Soon

Middle School (7th-8th) Team

Sherrell Branch-Ezell

Middle School Math and Science

Mallory Clough

Middle School Math

Sarah Hughes

Middle School Science


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