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The Capitol Building (1912)

126 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 849-0888

The Capitol Encore Academy resides in the historical site of The Capitol Department Store. The facility is located in downtown Fayetteville. There have been many plans to revitalize the downtown area and we are excited to be at the epicenter of these plans. An integration of arts, culture and education will be a highlight of success for our community.


For specific information on employment, programming, or school partnerships, contact Dr. Tremaine Canteen at (910) 849-0888.

For specific information on enrollment, financials, Powerschool, or school nutrition, contact Joe Salisbury at (910) 849-0888.

For specific information on testing, discipline, or any additional administrator questions, contact Jonathan Thomas at (910) 849-0888.

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