Enrollment Information

Forms will be able to be submitted on this webpage. The links will be on the right.

All current OR former (within the last two years) Encore students who are returning should complete an Intent to Return Form, which will be available online through the PowerSchool Enrollment Portal, on the same day that open enrollment begins. This is sometime during the Spring

For questions about enrollment please contact joe@capitolencoreacademy.org.

Enrollment Information

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At this time, we are not offering tours until closer to the 2021-22 school year. Be on the lookout for more details about tours!

Enrollment Application

Looking to enroll at The Capitol Encore Academy?

ENROLLMENT FOR 2024-2025 is now OPEN! Reserve your spot in our lottery, which will be held on April 10th, today!

Additional Admissions Policy Information

Read The Capitol Encore Academy’s admissions policy here!

Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Read The Capitol Encore Academy’s Title I parent involvement policy here.

Available now, Click the link above.

Intent-to-Return Form

Looking to re-enroll for the 2024-2025 school year? The Re-Enrollment Form will open in the spring!

Early Kindergarten Admission:  North Carolina DPI permits public schools to admit children under the age of 5 into kindergarten, but there are a number of very specific and stringent requirements students must meet.  Parents must submit results of standardized intellectual and achievement assessments (indicating scores at or higher than the 98th percentile in both areas), letters of recommendation, and work samples for consideration by a committee of TCEA educational professionals by August 1st before a child under the age of 5 may be officially accepted, even if the student has received a slot in the lottery.  Please click the icon below for specific requirements and more information. In addition, we are including information from 16 NCAC 6E.0105, which outlines the admission requirements indicated by the North Carolina Department of Instruction. *The cut-off date for kindergarten is August 31st for their 5th birthday.*

TCEA Early Kinder Admissions Information

16 NCAC 6E.0105