Enrollment Information

The Enrollment Period for 2018-2019 has closed! All applications that have been submitted from Tuesday, January 16th at 7:30am until Friday, March 2nd at 3:30pm are considered equal weight and will go into our lottery on Wednesday, March 7th for our open spaces.

*Even though Open Enrollment has closed, we still accept all applications for next school year through the link on the right. Please know that additional applications will now be added on a first come, first accept basis.*

Forms will be able to be submitted on this webpage. The links will be on the right.

All current OR former (within the last two years) Encore students who are returning should complete a Re-Enrollment Form, which will be sent home with your student on Friday, Jan. 19th 2018, and will be available online, in a google form, the same day that open enrollment begins.

For questions about enrollment please contact jsalisbury@capitolencoreacademy.org.

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Additional Admissions Policy Information

Read The Capitol Encore Academy’s admissions policy here!

Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Read The Capitol Encore Academy’s Title I parent involvement policy here.

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Re-Enrollment Form

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