TCEA Giving

We are The Capitol Encore Academy, Fayetteville NC’s only arts-integration charter school! Since our opening in August of 2014, we have made significant strides in our goal to provide a unique alternative to Cumberland County’s traditional public school options. Because of our status as a public charter school and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we can offer an excellent education in academic subjects and the arts to our students 100% tuition-free!

While we receive federal and state funds to address operating expenses, we receive less than our local counterparts. This does present obstacles at times, but it motivates us to work harder and think creatively to make sure we meet our students’ needs and exceed expectations!
That’s why we believe that Chameleons are Better Together!  We already have a great school, but if we can pull together our resources, time, and talents, we can create an even better educational experience for students and their families!  Your generous, tax-deductible donation to our school goes toward items like new technology for students, professional development for our teachers, activities to improve our school culture, and various resources to keep our learning environment safe, efficient, and effective.  YOU can help us change a child’s future!