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2022-2023 Dress Code

Our basic standards regarding student dress are based on cleanliness, neatness, modesty, safety and minimizing learning distraction. Uniforms are to be worn at TCEA by all students in first grade and above, except on announced “Dress Up” days. Kindergarten students are not required to wear uniforms, but uniforms are available for purchase for interested Kindergarten parents. Kindergarten students must be in attire that meets school safety and educational guidelines. No open‐toe or open-heel shoes, heels, controversial pictures or sayings, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or shorts/skirts shorter than fingertip length of the wearer will be permitted. Kindergarten students who wear these items will remain in the office until proper attire is provided by the family.

TCEA Logo tops must be purchased by the school-selected vendors. They can be ANY COLOR that is offered by our selected vendors for any grade level. Information for ordering is available on the TCEA website or from the main office during school hours. Non-Logo tops and bottoms can be purchased at any store; however, they must meet the requirements stated below.

School Uniform Requirements
Basic Option:
– Long or Short Sleeve Polo WITHOUT school logo in various solid colors;- Additionally, students may wear a solid colored sweatshirt (with or without hood) or cardigan sweater with no logos on top of their polo for comfort and warmth during the school day.
TCEA Branded Option:
– Long or Short Sleeve Polo with TCEA logo in various colors; purchased from school vendor.
– Note: Screen printed TCEA polo shirt can be purchased from Yellow Crayons
– Cardigan Sweaters with TCEA logo .
– TCEA Logo Embroidered Fleece/Hooded Sweatshirt – Purchased from vendor; Not required to wear, but can be worn during school day on cold days.
Additional Tops:
– TCEA T-shirts (special school event shirts, field day shirts, school fundraiser shirts, etc.) can be worn on any school day.
– Undershirts – Solid colors can be worn under short/long sleeve polos
– Winter Coats will be permitted at recess and for entrance in and out of the building, but will otherwise be hung up and not worn throughout the school or in the classroom.

Bottoms: (Pants should fit at waist with or without a belt)
– Pants – Chino style (cotton or cotton blend) pants of any color. These are not required to be purchased from a school vendor.
– Shorts/Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers – Chino style (cotton or cotton blend) must be finger‐tip length.

– Shoes must be comfortable for all day wear, closed‐toe, closed-heel, and no raised heel. (Note: Crocs must have a closed toe and closed heel).

– Socks must be worn with shoes. Socks that are ankle length or shorter can be any color; however, knee-high socks must be White, Navy, or Black.
– Tights/leggings can be worn under shorts, skirts, and jumpers – must be solid color.


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