Encore Kids College

tree2019/2020 Registration is open!

Scroll down for listing or download the course catalog in the right column. Register online using the button “REGISTER HERE” in the right column. This page is best viewed on a computer vs. phone/mobile device.


treeAbout Encore Kids College:

Encore Kids College is an after school program hosted by The Capitol Encore Academy (TCEA).

Registration for the 2019/2020 Encore Kids College (EKC)  is offered to all K-12 students in our community. Students do not have to attend TCEA to participate in EKC Programs.

treeEncore Kids College Vision:

Encore Kids College is an after school program hosted by The Capitol Encore Academy (TCEA). The mission of Encore Kids College, through a joint collaboration with local artists and organizations, is to provide access to the arts and creative practices for K-12 children in our community. We believe access to enrichment and creative activities will assist in promoting not only increased skill, but also a positive lifestyle for children. Offering choices to students to participate in additional creative opportunities encourages growth in both arts and academics. In addition to fostering student learn­ing, TCEA wants to support and encourage the use of the local resources by establishing relationships between the school, family, and community.

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2019-2020 EKC enrollment is now available!

TCEA does not set the prices for EKC courses. These are set by the instructors. Fees and payments must go directly to the instructor. TCEA cannot hold, handle or accept payments for EKC courses. TCEA does not profit from EKC programs. TCEA does not charge EKC instructors for use of the facility. Thank you!

Steps for enrolling in EKC courses

Read all information in the course catalog and enrollment agreement, contact instructors for questions on individual courses, and select the course(s) your student will take using the Enrollment Agreement.

Submit the completed EKC Enrollment Agreement and Transportation Plan.

Contact the course instructor/organization directly to register for the individual course and pay fees/tuition.

Follow any additional steps as required by the course instructor.

Communicate changes to EKC Director and the course instructor as needed.

Would you like to be an Encore Kids College Instructor? 

Please contact Jonathan.thomas@capitolencoreacademy.org for more info!


Encore Kids College is seeking local K-12 children’s programs to support The Capitol Encore Academy mission to collaborate as providers/instructors in our after school Encore Kids College program.

Please download and read all information before submitting the proposal form. Email the signed Indemnification, Hold Harmless, and Insurance Agreement to jonathan.thomas@capitolencoreacademy.org.

treeEKC Program Logistics:

Encore Kids College serves an after-school resource, provided by The Capitol Encore Academy, for all children in our community. Similar to a college catalog of courses, Encore Kids College will offer a variety courses through individual instructors from the local community. Students are not required to attend TCEA to access these programs, but priority is given to TCEA students. All participants are expected to uphold ethical and safety practices to affiliate with Encore Kids College. The Capitol Encore Academy serves as a host organization, and does not profit from or charge instructors fees for Encore Kids College.

Encore Kids College will offer multiple arts disciplines, creative practices and similar courses. Some courses offer rolling admission, while others are offered on a set schedule. Please refer to the course catalog and contact the instructor for information on specific courses. The individual instructor offers classes in sessions, Monday-Friday between 3:00 and 6:00pm. Date and times of program offerings are subject to change based on size and demand. Detailed information, materials required and the cost of individual course can be obtained by contacting individual instructors.  The instructor of the course sets tuition, fees, schedule, and course content, following the mission, vision and ethics of Encore Kids College. Parents and students will select options available based on age, content, day/time, and other eligibility criteria set by instructors.

Parents must enroll students with Encore Kids College Program before they are eligible to register for any specific courses (e.g., Art Studio or Guitar Lessons). This is similar to registering for a community college, prior to being able to register for a specific course with the individual instructor. This is for safety and accountability of students.

Parents will then contact the instructor directly to pay for the course, fill out additional forms as required by the instructor and communicate any questions or concerns relating specifically to the course. The Capitol Encore Academy does not handle payment from students or instructors for EKC programs. TCEA does not profit from EKC programs.