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tree2017-2018 Registration is now open!
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treeAbout Encore Kids College:

Encore Kids College is an after school program hosted by The Capitol Encore Academy (TCEA).

Registration for the 2017-2018 Encore Kids College (EKC) after school program will open August 20th. This program is offered to all K-12 students in our community. Students do not have to attend TCEA to participate in EKC Programs.

treeEncore Kids College Vision:

Encore Kids College is an after school program hosted by The Capitol Encore Academy (TCEA). The mission of Encore Kids College, through a joint collaboration with local artists and organizations, is to provide access to the arts and creative practices for K-12 children in our community. We believe access to enrichment and creative activities will assist in promoting not only increased skill, but also a positive lifestyle for children. Offering choices to students to participate in additional creative opportunities encourages growth in both arts and academics. In addition to fostering student learn­ing, TCEA wants to support and encourage the use of the local resources by establishing relationships between the school, family, and community.

Spring 2018 EKC Courses


Broadcast News, Yearbook, Film & Photography, Journalism, Design


Course Description: 
A unique TCEA club learning to create by creating real projects. THIS YEAR – Mr. Kline and Mrs. Brownlee have combine all the awesome into one even more awesome club: THE CHAMELEON COLLECTIVE! We create the school broadcast news, the yearbook, run the pop-up gallery, make films and photograph special events like the Duck Derby, make the Arts & Literary Zine, screen-print our 100% Chameleon-Made line of products, and taking on special projects throughout the year!

Check out an episode from the past Broadcast News
Open to Ages: 4th-8th Grade, Max of 15 students. TCEA students only*
Club Fee: $60 per 10-week session. Fees pay for printing Zine and materials.

Club Meeting Schedule: Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30pm, 10 weeks – Feb 6th-May 15th (No meeting 2/13, 3/6, 3/13, 4/13, 4/24, 5/1) at TCEA


Instructor Information: Kalo Haslem, khaslem@capitolencoreacademy.org

Course Description: Is your son or daughter interested in technology, computers, orjust creating things?????? STEAM Works is a new course that will contain a focus on developing creativity and 21st-centuryskills. This will be done using Ozobots, makey makey, and scratch.This program will target the primary ages of students enrolled.

Schedule & Fees: Mondays/Thursdays: 3:30-5:00pm, 4 weeks, Feb 12, 16, 22, 26, March 1, 5, 8th. Fee: $80. Open to the public.

treeVisual Arts 

Instructor Information: Trish Brownlee, 717-339-7483, trish@trishbrownlee.com



treeTutoring & Academic Support

After-School Tutoring & Homework Help – **For TCEA students only.

Instructor Contact Information: Gerard Falls: gfalls@capitolencoreacademy.org

Open to K-8th, $10 per hour

K-3rd Grade: Tuesdays – 3:30-4:30pm

4th-8th Grade: Thursdays – 3:30-4:30 PM


Instructor Information: Ebony Norris, 910-644-7008, ebonynorris16@gmail.com

Course Name: Ballet, Ages 3-6

Course Description: Beginner dance class where students will be learning the techniques of ballet dance as well as spatial awareness and body movement control.

Open to Ages 3-6. Open to the public.

Offered on Tuesdays, 4:30-5:25pm, beginning September 19th $40 a month.

Course Name: Ballet & Lyrical Dance, Ages 7-10

Course Description: 55-minute dance class that combines Ballet techniques along with a mixture of other dance styles, with emphasis on fluidity and emotion.

Open to Ages 7-10. Open to the public.

Offered on Tuesdays, 3:30pm-4:25pm, beginning September 19th $40 per month

Course Name: Ballet & Lyrical Dance, Ages 11+

Course Description: 55-minute dance class that combines Ballet techniques along with a mixture of other dance styles, with emphasis on fluidity and emotion.

Open to Ages 11+ years. Open to the public.

Offered on Thursdays, 3:30pm-4:25pm, beginning September 19th $40 per month

treeFilm & Theatre

The Gilbert Theater Courses and Workshops, Spring 2018:

To sign up for classes, please contact Brian Adam Kline

(910) 308-9773, adassist@gilberttheater.com   www.gilberttheater.com


Learn and have fun with teacher and director Mr. Kline! 
Class starts on February 21st. (Class on Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm)
A total of 6 sessions! Exact dates: February 21, 28, March 1, 7, 14, and 21

Fee: $75.00, Open ages 8 and up.

Animation and Film Club
Learn and work on your own film and animation projects with Mr. Kline! 
Class starts on February 22nd. (Class on Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm)
A total of 6 sessions! Exact dates: Feb 22March 1, 8, 15, and 22. $75.00

Fee: $75.00, Open ages 8 and up.

Public Speaking for Middle School
This course, designed for Middle School, provides instruction and experience in preparation and delivery of speeches within a public setting.  Learn skills necessary to be effective communicators in academic settings, in the workplace, and in the community.  
Class start on April 30th, Mondays 3:30pm-4:30pm    Dates:  Apr 30, May 7, 14, and 21.
Fee: $75.00, Open to 6th, 7th and 8 grade only


treeMusic: Vocals

Payton School of Music – Jarae Payton

(910) 813-1183, laurenjarae@gmail.com; jpayton@capitolencoreacademy.org

Club: Encore Ensemble – TCEA Student Choir

Course Description: Encore Ensemble is a performance ensemble, established for grades 3-8. The Encore Ensemble is commonly used at special events, and will be called on for various activities, to provide special music. Performances may include Winter & Spring performances.

Open to 3rd – 7th Grade. Limited to 40 students. Rehearsals: Scheduled Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20pm, with additional opportunities for scheduled performances.

Club Fee: $25 per term. (Terms will be established in initial letters) Students who are continuing must register/pay fee again with the instructor for spring session, but do not have to do the EKC enrollment form again.

Beginning September 20th, with opportunities for scheduled performances, *Open to TCEA students only.

Club Fee: $25 per term. (Terms will be established in initial letters) Students who are continuing must register/pay fee again with the instructor for spring session, but do not have to do the EKC enrollment form again.

Beginning September 20th, with opportunities for scheduled performances, *Open to TCEA students only.


Course Name: Individual Applied Vocal Lessons

Course Description: Individual applied lessons as per needs of the student. Students will learn vocal technique, performance etiquette, music theory, and will learn music from different cultures and languages. Recitals/performances will be held for children to display what they learn.

Open to All Ages K-12th Grade

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30pm-6pm, offered in 30 min sessions weekly in the Music Studio

Beginning September 19th, with opportunities for scheduled performances, Open to the Public.

treeMusic: Instrumental

Cape Fear Music Center Instrumental Lessons

Instructor Information: Tony Harrison with other CFMC instructors, (910) 480-2362 capefearmusiccenter@yahoo.com

Important information: These courses will be offered Monday-Friday, between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, following the TCEA schedule through the end of the school year. Course will be located at both TCEA and across Old St at the CFMC facility as needed. All students will meet at TCEA and escorted by walk to the CFMC by their instructors for any classes that take place off site. Courses are open to all ages. Opportunities for schedule performances and showcases are included.

Course: After-school Concert Band Ensemble, Offered Entire School Year

Course Description: 1-hour courses, once per week in a group setting, designed to introduce students to band and playing instruments in an ensemble. No experience needed. Students will participate in performances and events. Tuition: $75.00 per month. Day/Time TBD based on student/instructor needs and interest.

Course: After-school Orchestra/Strings Ensemble, Offered Entire School Year

Course Description: A 1-hour per week group course, designed to introduce students to orchestra, including Violin, Cello, Viola, and upright bass. No experience needed. Students will participate in performances and events. Tuition: $75.00 per month. Day/Time TBD based on student/instructor needs and interest.

Course Name: Private Instrument Lessons

Course Description: 30-minute private lessons once per week in Guitar, Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. All private lessons are tailored to maximize each individual student’s capabilities on their chosen instrument. Music theory is a vital component in our curriculum. Day/Time TBD based on student/instructor needs. Tuition: $85.00 per month, four 30-min private sessions

treeCreative Practices & Daily After-School Programs



Ninja Dynamics After-School Program

Instructor Information: Hakim Isler – 910-488-1021, Grow@ElevoDynamics.com

Website: http://elevodynamics.com/after-school-program/

This is after school program is offered by Elevo Dynamics, and takes place at Elevo Dynamics. Their Ninja Self Protection system focuses on building a diverse set of skills and strategies for overcoming a multitude of life challenges. Their approach is to empower a practitioner with life applicable skills that strengthens students Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. The training prepares a person for real life challenges by using time tested principles proven to bring forth success in high stress environments. They focus specifically on character building, discipline, critical thinking (as it pertains to their thought, actions and speech), and balance (mentally, emotionally, and physically) through a series of scenario based drills and skills that simulate those that youth may face in their lives.

–   The schedule consists of 15 minutes for snack time, 45 minutes of homework

time, 45 minutes of martial arts class and 45 minutes of instructed play.

  • Students have the option of attending 3 days or 5 days per week.
  • Open to Ages 6-13. Maximum of 20 students.

Location Note: This course takes place offsite: Students will meet in TCEA Commons at 3pm, walk to Elevo Dynamics with instructor. Student pick-up will be at 6pm at Elevo Dynamics, 110 Person St.

Registration fee is $65.00. $340 per month for 5 days a week. $220 per month for 3 days a week. Open to ages 5-13, Open to the public.

treeNEW in 2017! Holistic Creations, Yoga & More for Kids with Prima Elements

Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center – Contact: Audri

124 Anderson Street – Fayetteville, NC 28301

(910) 483-8406 – http://www.primaelements.org


About Prima Elements: Prima Elements is a Holistic Wellness Center. Our facility offers holistic health services. Prima Elements provides holistic services to stress and ailing individuals in the community. Our wellness center offers caring, expert clinicians and stew that provide natural remedies, massage, and detoxifying natural cleanses. Prima also hosts fitness activities such as yoga, ZUMBA, planned activities such as skiing and hiking, and sell organic refreshments to boost immune function. With a focus on holistic care and prevention, our wellness center has personalized its services to each of our patients, and incorporated the mind, body, and spirit.

Prima Elements for EKC Vision: Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center wants to provide a center of holistic creativity and enrichment activities for all K-12 students within our community. Our activity schedule will increase focus and promote a positive lifestyle for children. Holistic education is to prepare students to meet challenges of living as well as academics.

Roles and Responsibilities of Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center:

Prima Elements will provide courses that will allow children to develop academic capacities to live in the modern world. Prima Elements is now working in partnership with EKC, hosting classes to benefit and educate the children within our community.


All fees will be paid directly to Prima Elements instructors. Tuition will be paid on a monthly basis with a no refund policy. The monthly tuition will be in the amount of $80 per child OR *$10 per class if you want to attend on a drop-in basis. Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit cards are forms of payment accepted by Prima Elements.

*Contact Prima directly if you are interested in attending only particular classes with your child for arrangements and pricing.

EKC Schedule of classes at Prima Elements: Mondays & Wednesdays – 3:15 – 4:15pm. The following classes will be available to all K-12 Students in the EKC program & Open to the Public. Students will be escorted from TCEA to Prima Elements, offsite from TCEA, located just around the corner on Anderson St. Pick-up with be at Prima Elements.

September 11th – Kids Yoga – Animal Poses

September 13th – DIY Essential Oil Fun Soap

September 18th – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

September 20th – Mandala Coloring Book Meditation (Anti-Stress)

September 25th – Essential Oil DIY Water Bubbles

September 27th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

October 2nd – 8 Fun Breathing Exercises

October 4th – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

October 9th – How To Pack A Plant-Based Alkaline Lunch

October 11th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

October 16th – Mandala Coloring Book Meditation

October 18th – Essential Oil Aromatherapy Play Dough

October 23rd – Kids Yoga – Animal Poses

October 25th – 15 Ways to Teach Mindfulness

November 1st – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

November 6th – Foods That Create Mucus vs. Foods That Eliminate Mucus

November 8th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

November 13th –Positive Affirmations for Kids!

November 15th – Essential Oil DIY Aromatherapy Jewelry

November 27th – Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids

November 29th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

December 4th – Vitamin Packed Green Smoothies

December 6th – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

December 11th – Essential Oils DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

December 13th – Meditation For Kids

December 18th – Kids Yoga – Animal Poses

2017-2018 Program Information & Operating Procedures. All instructors, parents, and interested parties must read this information.

2017-2018 EKC enrollment is now open!

TCEA does not set the prices for EKC courses. These are set by the instructors. Fees and payments must go directly to the instructor. TCEA cannot hold, handle or accept payments for EKC courses. TCEA does not profit from EKC programs. TCEA does not charge EKC instructors for use of the facility. Thank you!

Steps for enrolling in EKC courses

Read all information in the course catalog and enrollment agreement, contact instructors for questions on individual courses, and select the course(s) your student will take using the Enrollment Agreement.

Submit the completed EKC Enrollment Agreement and Transportation Plan.

Contact the course instructor/organization directly to register for the individual course and pay fees/tuition.

Follow any additional steps as required by the course instructor.

Communicate changes to EKC Director and the course instructor as needed.

Encore Kids College Instructor Info

treeVisual Art & Chameleon Collective

Trish Brownlee tbrownlee@capitolencoreacademy.org


treeSTEAM Works

Kalo Haslem khaslem@capitolencoreacademy.org

treeFilm & Theater

Brian Adam Kline adassist@gilberttheater.com Visit: www.gilberttheater.com

treeEncore Ensemble & Voice Lessons

Jarae Payton, Payton School of Music jpayton@capitolencoreacademy.org

treeOrchestra, Band & Instrumentals

Cape Fear Music Center, Tony Harrison (910) 480-2362, capefearmusiccenter@yahoo.com

treeTutoring & Homework Help

ELA, Social Studies, Math & Science

Gerard Falls: gfalls@capitolencoreacademy.org


Ebony Norris, enorris@capitolencoreacademy.org

treeCreative Writing & Poetry

El’Ja Bowens, 910-583-3360  poetrynmotionnc@gmail.com   YouTube

treeChallenge Island Program

S.T.E.A.M. Based Education Enrichment After-School Program

Annette O’Keefe, 910-745-7411

aokeefe@challenge-island.com     Website

treeNinja Dynamics 

Martial Arts & More After-School Program

Hakim Isler/Robert Ashton, 910-488-1021, Grow@ElevoDynamics.com         Website


treeKids Yoga & More 
Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center

Contact: Audri, (910) 483-8406

primaelements@gmail.com    Website


Would you like to be an Encore Kids College Instructor? 

Call for 2017 Fall Course Proposals is Open! Deadline to submit proposals in August 14th.


Encore Kids College is seeking local K-12 children’s programs to support The Capitol Encore Academy mission to collaborate as providers/instructors in our after school Encore Kids College program for its FALL 2017 program.

Please download and read all information before submitting the proposal form by August 14, 2017. Email the signed Indeminification, Hold Harmless, and Insurance Agreement to tbrownlee@capitolencoreacademy.org.

treeEKC Program Logistics:

Encore Kids College serves an after-school resource, provided by The Capitol Encore Academy, for all children in our community. Similar to a college catalog of courses, Encore Kids College will offer a variety courses through individual instructors from the local community. Students are not required to attend TCEA to access these programs, but priority is given to TCEA students. All participants are expected to uphold ethical and safety practices to affiliate with Encore Kids College. The Capitol Encore Academy serves as a host organization, and does not profit from or charge instructors fees for Encore Kids College.

Encore Kids College will offer multiple arts disciplines, creative practices and similar courses. Some courses offer rolling admission, while others are offered on a set schedule. Please refer to the course catalog and contact the instructor for information on specific courses. The individual instructor offers classes in sessions, Monday-Friday between 3:00 and 6:00pm. Date and times of program offerings are subject to change based on size and demand. Detailed information, materials required and the cost of individual course can be obtained by contacting individual instructors.  The instructor of the course sets tuition, fees, schedule, and course content, following the mission, vision and ethics of Encore Kids College. Parents and students will select options available based on age, content, day/time, and other eligibility criteria set by instructors.

Parents must enroll students with Encore Kids College Program before they are eligible to register for any specific courses (e.g., Art Studio or Guitar Lessons). This is similar to registering for a community college, prior to being able to register for a specific course with the individual instructor. This is for safety and accountability of students.

Parents will then contact the instructor directly to pay for the course, fill out additional forms as required by the instructor and communicate any questions or concerns relating specifically to the course. The Capitol Encore Academy does not handle payment from students or instructors for EKC programs. TCEA does not profit from EKC programs.